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Studio for advanced product design and engineering

We create value with high quality designs that are innovative, attractive, functional and feasible.

Stereo Design is a studio specialized in product design, engineering and prototyping, founded by Merijn Hartog and René Martens. We create value for our clients with great looking designs that are innovative, functional and realistic.

Our work primarily spans across the domains of juvenile products, food and beverage, products with integrated electronics, outdoor equipment, and sustainable solutions tailored to the needs of developing countries.

In addition to our regular product design services, we also offer assistance to clients who require the design and production of one-of-a-kind unique pieces or flexible, low-volume production / prototype series.

Things we can help you with

Designing successful products requires balancing creative, technical, organizational and market-driven skills. All our projects are based on the lean, tailored, data driven design process that we have developed and refined over time. This allows us to be as creative as possible, without losing focus on functionality, quality, planning or budget.

With over 25 years of professional experience in both design and engineering, we are able to provide our clients with a complete, integrated solution for their innovation needs. Our services include research, conceptualization, ideation, concept design, design development, 3D CAD engineering, drafting, manufacturing supervision, and prototyping.

While our services are typically integrated into the design process of our projects, we also offer standalone services for clients who require specific design solutions. If you need assistance with research, concept design, prototyping, or any other design-related service, we are here to help. Let's talk and explore how we can bring your ideas to life!

Research and Conceptualization

Research is an essential step for creating successfull designs. By understanding stakeholder interests, design objectives, or any other factors relevant to the assignment, we can deconstruct the initial design problem and determine the most promising directions for innovation. This approach ensures that our designs are not just good looking, but also meet the needs of our clients and their target audience.

Ideation and Concept Design

We utilize several brainstorming and ideation techniques to generate, explore and refine design options and ideas that align with previously stated project objectives. From there, we develop the most promising ideas into realistically visualized design concepts. Together with our clients we then collaborate to choose the concept that best meets their needs and preferences.

Design Development and Engineering

Further development and definition of design concepts is mostly done using 3D CAD software. All required features and functionality are incorporated, and all details are solved to ensure that the product can be produced and assembled efficiently and at a high quality. This involves not only specifying the shape of the design, but also choosing the most suitable materials and manufacturing processes.

Drafting and Production Supervision

To guarantee that our designs meet the highest possible standards, we create all data necessary for production, such as a bill of materials, 3D files and drawings detailing geometry, critical tolerances and finishing, and assembly instructions. Further, we review the tooling plans of our production partners, and closely inspect initial production samples before allowing the start of full-scale production.

Prototyping and One-offs

Prototyping is a crucial aspect of our design process, allowing us to test functionality, refine aesthetics, and  communicate ideas. With our fully equipped, in-house modelshop, we are able to create high-quality prototypes at every stage of the design process. This can also involve incorporating functional electronics and implementing elements such as buttons, dials, or touch-based user interfaces.

CAD support

For over 20 years, we have been pushing the boundaries of 3D CAD. Our expertise extends to advanced surfacing, complex assembly management, kinematic systems, FEA simulations, product data management, and visualizations. Over the years, we have gained a strong reputation for tackling the most challenging projects, and even some of our competitors turn to us when faced with particularly difficult 3D CAD problems.

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